AAC block D400

800 000 sum/м3

Non-reinforced wall block made of autoclaved aerated concrete GOST 31360-2007. Designed for filling internal and external walls

Линейные размеры блока мм625 x (200, 250, 300, 350) x 250
Марка по плотности, кг/м3D400
Класс прочностиВ 1,5
Марка по морозостойкостиF50
Усадка при высыхании мм/v0.5
Звукоизоляция db42-44
Паропроницаемость (мг / м ч Па)0.21
Страна производителяУзбекистан


Lightweight – Light weight will reduce shipping costs and also reduce the load on the foundation.

Durable - does not require additional insulation; smaller wall thickness (due to the lack of additional insulation) will make the house more spacious with the same dimensions

Warm - with a thickness of 250-300 mm, external walls can be erected without additional insulation. This allows you to significantly reduce construction time and costs for insulation and its installation.

Smooth - The accuracy of the geometric dimensions allows you to make thin seams in the masonry with a thickness of 0-3 mm. The laying is done using glue. A flat surface allows you to minimize costs for both internal and external finishing of buildings. Lower costs for plastering and higher speed of finishing work.

In addition, D400 gas block can be used as a thermal insulation material!

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